Sunday, September 2, 2012

Goodbye YouTube and Google+

I finally decided to close my Google+ account, and I'll close my YouTube account as soon as I can find how.

Why, you may ask ?

Comment with your real name...

Yeah, that's what did it for me. A recent update to YouTube more or less forces you to use your real name from Google+ to post comments. To put it simply: no way. I don't want to use my real name to post comments. I don't want some HR typing my name on Google to find everything about my life and hobbies. Finding all my comments about music, about anime or whatever else. I don't want to be stalked by some freak who disagrees with me.

The bottom line is I like my comments to stay anonymous.

Google+, build it and they won't come

Now the question is: how much will I be missing by closing my Google+ account ? 
Hmmm, nothing really. I signed up out of curiosity and never used it since none of my friends use it actively. They all use Facebook, I use Facebook. When I checked Google+, it looked like an abandoned mall built in an arid desert. It's ugly, it's empty, it's depressing and boring.

Next in line: Gmail

What's a good replacement ?

Right now, I don't know of one. I'd really love to find one though, I never really loved Gmail, I only use it because it's convenient for having multiple addresses (since I have several websites). So since, I'm already moving away from Google+ and closing my YouTube account, I may as well clean all the Google stuff.
Moving away from Google feels like when I first installed Linux, a breath of fresh air, a feeling of recovered freedom.


Google has become too intrusive for my taste, everyone has their threshold, it reached mine.
Everything seems linked to your Google account and for what benefit ?

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  1. There was an option to say 'no thanks' when asked to post in your real name. You can also cancel Google plus and keep the rest. But I agree, it was a fucked up move. Why I won't say goodbye to Google yet... I need it as an Android user, and they backed up 20000 songs on google music and 6000 pictures... plus security is good if and it's free. The downside is the hassle to opt out, but there are plenty of scripts to protect your privacy.