Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's start the new year on a positive note: Twitter sucks !

Now that may come as a pretty assertive statement, almost brutal. But let me explain.

The context
Well you have to put yourself in my position for 2 minutes. Here in the silicon valley, but it's probably the same across USA, when I watch the TV, I keep hearing Twitter this, Twitter that. From the cooking shows, to the news, to the UFC fighting organization, you hear about Twitter everywhere, all the time. It's a perpetual brainwashing machine. It's like the internet bubble that exploded in 1999 has re-inflated itself with Web 2.0 !

The initiation
Eventually, be it due to the perpetual brainwashing or to simple curiosity, I finally opened myself a twitter account. First, when I logged in, the twitter website asked me: Tell what you are doing now. Ahem, isn't that a bit too personal a question ? Ok I get it, that's the concept, exhibitionism. Put your life out like you were a popstar, forget intimacy, just let it go. Well, that's where things got difficult for me, I wasn't doing anything special just typing on my computer and trying to find something smart to say about what I was doing which was "trying to find something smart to say about what I was doing", etc...

Seeing the light
So anyway, using Twitter, I really got to realize it's amazing power. It's like an email, but limited to 130 or so characters (I forgot the exact number anyway). Now I understand why everybody talks about it, what a revolution ! Limiting an email to 130 characters, who would have thought of that. It's incredible we had to wait for Web 2.0 to have such revolutionizing concept !

Size doesn't matter
Now it's time to realize, the best quotes from literature are less than 130 characters. Now, with a completely new open mind, I started to see what people were saying, which basically is: "I'm gardening today, it's sunny", "Let's stay in touch", "We announce a new product", etc...

A drop of water in the ocean
All this Twitter experience finally convinced me that people, in the end, just want to feel that someone cares about them, that somehow in the multitude of the human population, someone is genuinely interested in them. However, thanks to Twitter, now I realize that most pretend to be interested in them simply to receive a reciprocal faked interest.

Now join me on Twitter, come read my blog, visit my website.
You won't be disappointed !

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